Doctoral Concentration

The International Educational Development Program - Doctoral Concentration (IEDP-D) is a unique cross-programmatic and interdisciplinary concentration for both Ph.D. and Ed.D. students. It has been designed for doctoral students who wish to develop both strong skills in a disciplinary area (e.g., human development, educational linguistics, ethnography in education) as well as cross-cultural and international skills based on field experience.

The IEDP-D is open to all students who have been admitted to a doctoral program in GSE. Students who are interested in the IEDP-D may add the IEDP-D concentration after joining PennGSE.

The requirements for the IEDP concentration are designed to complement existing program requirements in other GSE degree programs.

The IEDP-D will provide opportunities to:

  • conceptualize, design and engage in international research;
  • undertake applied research projects in international settings;
  • participate in conferences, and develop and publish research in international education;
  • engage with a strong group of IEDP Masters and Doctoral students with similar interests.

IEDP-D students will maintain their principal academic advisor within their existing doctoral program, and will have an additional IEDP-D mentor to guide a specialized concentration of work while at PennGSE.  

For more information on the IEDP Doctoral concentration, please contact Ms. Lauren Scicluna-Simon, IEDP Program Assistant at

For the IEDP Doctoral concentration admission form, please click here.