Political and economic shifts in the relationship between international organizations, states, civil society, and markets worldwide have had a significant impact on educational purposes, policies, and practices across national contexts. Working in the field of educational development in the 21st century requires analysts to be able to understand the complex interrelationships between local and global political, economic, and cultural dynamics. The International Educational Development Program (IEDP) was established in 2008 as part of Penn GSE’s response to these global changes.

The IEDP is an interdisciplinary program with affiliated faculty drawn from across the University. Our strengths include four federally-funded regional resource centers on campus (African Studies, East Asian Studies, Middle East Studies, and South Asia Studies), as well as institutes, centers and professional schools with a wide range of international specializations (see Affiliated Centers for a complete list).

Graduates of the IEDP have followed their studies with internships and employment in a variety of international settings, as well as at public and private educational institutions. Others have gone on to pursue their doctoral studies. 

Interested students are encouraged to apply for classes that begin in September. While GSE admissions are made on a rolling basis, IEDP applicants are encouraged to apply by March 1. The program will continue to accept applications after March 1, however, potential applicants should be aware that the possibility of securing a graduate assistantship decreases as you move further away from the March 1 date.

There are no application fees at GSE as long as you submit your application on or before March 15. Beginning March 16 at 9am EST, one application fee of $75 will apply for those of you seeking admission for the current year. Applicants seeking a waiver of the application fee may request one from the program.

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For further information please reference our program brochure found here.